Cross Border Tax and Transactions

Dave Roberts is a lawyer who carries on an international tax practice, based in California, focusing on Canada U.S. tax planning, issues, and strategies. His clients have included law and accounting firms in Canada and the U.S., Canadian public companies, family-owned companies with international operations or ownership, and individuals. Dave advises on:

- expanding, financing, reorganizing and selling businesses internationally

- establishing and reorganizing cross-border business arrangements

- investing internationally in real estate and other property and reorganizing and selling those investments

- estate planning with assets or beneficiaries in more than one country

- relocating internationally

He does not prepare tax returns.


Tax issues are complex and the answers to specific questions can depend on many factors, not all of which are obvious. Further, laws and administrative policies change frequently with the result that previously correct information or answers may no longer be correct. Any information included in this site or in any e-mail is believed to be correct but is intended to provide general information only, unless a specific lawyer - client engagement is arranged. Without an engagement, such information should not be construed as advice

on legal, accounting or tax matters and all recipients are strongly encouraged to seek appropriate and specific advice before relying upon any such information. In addition, Dave has been admitted as a lawyer only in certain countries and, in those countries, only before certain courts or in certain jurisdictions. Advice from a local tax adviser is strongly encouraged. Please contact us if you require any clarification.

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